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Corporate & Personal Coaching and Consulting
Leading Self and others

Building one’s successful business or organization means a lot of hard work and enormous responsibility. We trust that defining the overall purpose, successful self-management and inspirational leadership lay the foundation for success.


We provide coaching and advise for


  • Intention setting for leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals
  • Personal profiling and self-management
  • Inspirational leadership and leadership effectiveness
  • Strategies and action plans for steering the business


Additionally, we conduct


  • Assessment of competencies, leadership style and collaboration type (MBTI®, Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360 ™, Harrison Assessment, behavioral assessments, biographical interview, Ba Zi Suan Ming)
Self, Profession & Lifestyle

Digitalization, globalization and virtual collaboration transform the way we work and live. We see these challenges as an opportunity for enhancing job roles and shaping different forms of lifestyles.


We support transformation by


  • Preparing for new professional roles as taking cross regional responsibility, working in virtual teams or moving into management
  • Expat coaching for mastering working and leading in an intercultural context
  • Expat spouse career and transition assistance
  • Coaching for career and professional progress
  • Working with individuals on creating a suitable individual lifestyle with successful work-life integration
Spatial Design & Feng Shui Consulting
Self & Setting

The built environment including its decorative design has a strong impact on how we work and live. We believe in beneficial placement as well as functional and beautiful design as powerful enablers for professional success, productivity and personal well-being.


We provide


  • Feng Shui based spatial layout for shops and offices to support the business, communication and collaboration
  • Feng Shui based design and composition of personal workspaces to enhance creativity and productivity
  • Feng Shui based interior design solutions for home and office, as furniture layout, colours and materials and allocation of room functions
  • Feng Shui analysis of commercial and residential objects for renting/buying decisions
  • Situation analysis for preparing suitable actions and defining suitable timelines for action, based on Systemic Situation Analysis and Chinese Life Science techniques (Ba Zi Suan Ming, I Ching)