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Corporate & Personal Coaching and Consulting
Leading Self and others

Leadership starts with self-management. Defining and executing oneSelf’s responsibilities is the foundation for setting a vision, leading proactively and letting others grow.

We provide coaching and advise for


  • Effective self-management
  • Vision development and implementation on team-level
  • Tools for enhancing leadership effectiveness
  • Intercultural leadership

Additionally, we conduct


  • Assessment of competencies, leadership style and collaboration type (MBTI®, Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360 ™, Harrison Assessment, behavioral assessments, biographical interview, Ba Zi Suan Ming)
Self, Profession & Lifestyle

New forms of work, digitalization and increasing cross-regional cooperation transform the way we work and live. We see these challenges as an opportunity for enhancing job roles and shaping different forms of lifestyles.


We support transformation by


  • Preparing for new professional roles as taking cross regional responsibility, working in virtual teams or moving into management
  • Expat coaching for mastering working and leading in an intercultural context
  • Expat spouse career and transition assistance
  • Coaching for career and professional progress
  • Working with individuals on creating a suitable individual lifestyle with successful work-life integration
Spatial Design & Feng Shui Consulting
Self & Setting

The built environment including its decorative design has a strong impact on how we work and live. We believe in beneficial placement as well as functional and beautiful design as powerful enablers for professional success, productivity and personal well-being. For optimizing settings, more and more Westerners rely on the knowledge of Feng Shui, which has been well established in Asia over a long period of time.


We provide


  • Feng Shui based spatial layout for shops and offices to support the business, communication and collaboration
  • Feng Shui based design and composition of personal workspaces to enhance creativity and productivity
  • Feng Shui based interior design solutions for home and office, as furniture layout, colours and materials and allocation of room functions
  • Feng Shui analysis of commercial and residential objects for renting/buying decisions
  • Situation analysis for preparing suitable actions and defining suitable timelines for action, based on Systemic Situation Analysis and Chinese Life Science techniques (Ba Zi Suan Ming, I Ching)