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The Story



The term Self Element origins from Chinese personality analysis. The Self Element represents a person’s characteristics and potentials. By this, the Self is the navigator in the rising complexity and speed of the modern social and economic world.


It is the basis for defining professional roles, how to integrate one’s work with a fulfilling personal life, and how to evaluate upcoming opportunities for one’s career and personal development. A person’s Self Element is also the basis for leveraging resources as suitable work and living environments.


Self Element assists in leading organizations and businesses successfully, work-life integration, and optimizing one’s personal setting.


To achieve this, we help leaders and professionals to catch up with the developments which transform the way they work, we define and develop with them what lets them lead themselves and others successfully, and how their business succeeds. We co-create individual beneficial work-and lifestyles and design supportive settings.


Each opportunity is unique. Therefore, we firmly believe in the power of individual advising and coaching to unfold a person’s full potential, covering the following areas:


We work on intention setting, self-management, inspirational leadership as well as leadership effectiveness for successful collaboration and business development. We prepare for new professional roles and changing work and living constellations as relocation, taking on the next hierarchical level, switching or pausing career, or intercultural collaboration.


We optimize work-space and personal environment as crucial enablers for boosting the business, enhancing collaboration, and professional as well as personal efficacy and wellbeing. Self Element works with individual leaders, talents, professionals, expats, expat spouses, and entrepreneurs in the above mentioned fields.


We assist organizations in the structured development of these target groups according to the organizations’ strategic and operational needs and in alignment with their competency model.


In the field of spatial design, Self Element engages with corporate clients in store and office design boosting business, work effectiveness and collaboration. Private clients are assisted in creating beautiful and suitable spaces to support wellbeing and useful routines and habits.


Self Element has its foundation in:

•     Organizational & Environmental Psychology

•     Chinese Life Sciences

•     Systemic Consulting & Corporate Coaching & Design thinking

•     Extensive working experience in Europe and Asia


Self Element has been working with corporations and individuals in various industries like automotive, finance, chemical, technical, life sciences, consulting, creative, and with the public sector. Services are provided in: English, German, Mandarin

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Self Element is the concept of
Dr. Sabine Kullak.
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