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About Self Element



The Self is the distinct individuality and identity of a person with their purpose in career & life. Defining one’s self answers the question WHO we want to be in life, work, and as a leader.

Self Element assists in integrating people’s career paths and lifestyles with their purpose, enhancing their career development and boosting their ability to lead themselves and others.

Relocation, taking on the next hierarchical level, switching career, or initiating changes in one’s life are mastered more effectively when handled in line with one’s individual intent and potential.

Additionally, optimizing one’s work-space and personal environment are crucial enablers for boosting the business, enhancing collaboration, professional and personal efficacy and wellbeing.


Self Element works with leaders and professionals to enhance their career and work-life integration and supports in transition situations.

Self Element assists organizations in the structured development of their key personnel with focus on inpats and expats.

Self Elements engages with corporate clients in store and office design boosting business, work effectiveness and collaboration. Private clients are assisted in creating beautiful and suitable spaces to support wellbeing and useful routines and habits.


The work of Self Element has its foundation in:

•     Organizational & Environmental Psychology

•     The Chinese Life Sciences Feng Shui & Ba Zi Suan Ming

•     Systemic Consulting & Corporate Coaching

•     Extensive working experience in Europe and Asia


Self Element has been working with corporations and individuals in various industries like automotive, finance, chemical, life sciences, HR consulting and the creative sector.
Services are provided in: English, German, Mandarin


Self Element is the concept of
Dr. Sabine Kullak.
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