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Dynamic environments create the need for leaders to continuously develop and adapt. We bring expertise, creativity, best-practices and sound experience to assist in creating professional success and personal lifestyles on individual terms.



With solid working experience in various industries in Europe and fast-paced Asian economies, Self Element focuses on (emerging) leaders and entrepreneurs in dynamic environments, under new forms of work and collaboration and intercultural settings.  We co-create personal and professional strategies to enhance professional roles and personal living, and we design beneficial workplaces, business and residential spaces and co-navigate cultural settings.



The Self, both in Western and Asian life sciences, refers to a person’s unique characteristics and potentials. By this, the Self is the navigator in the complexity and speed of the modern social and economic world.

With this approach, we work with the individual and with teams, providing 1:1 coaching, psychometric assessments, team coaching, team workshops, and HR development advise. We also develop solutions for supportive working and living environments, relying on findings from Western environmental psychology and the Chinese Life Sciences of Feng Shui and Bazi Suan Ming.


For whom

Self Element works with individuals, focusing on (emerging) leaders, expats, expat spouses, and entrepreneurs in the field of enhancing professional outcomes and individual lifestyles.

We assist organizations in the structured development of these target groups according to the organizations’ strategic and operational needs and in alignment with their competency model.

In the field of spatial design, Self Element engages with corporate clients in store and office design boosting business, work effectiveness and collaboration. Private clients are assisted in creating beautiful and suitable spaces to support wellbeing and useful routines and habits.


Self Element has its foundation in:

•     Organizational & Environmental Psychology

•     Chinese Life Sciences

•     Systemic Consulting & Corporate Coaching & Design thinking

•     Extensive working experience in Europe and Asia


Self Element has been working with corporations and individuals in various industries like automotive, finance, chemical, technical, life sciences, consulting, creative, and with the public sector. Services are provided in: English, German, Mandarin

Sabine smile

An empowering, confidence-building and
inspiring advisor and coach, Dr. Sabine Kullak combines her broad experience in the Human Resources sector with international experience
in various industries and leadership practice.
With this experience, and accredited both in
Western and Chinese Life Sciences, she offers
a unique service for successfully working and
living in dynamic and international environments.
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